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Instant Onion Pickle

In india it’s called as a Sirke Wale Pyaaz , It’s a great accompaniment for any North Indian style meal and are super easy to make at home. Ingredients 10-15 small Pearl onion or any small size Water 1/2 Cup 1/4 beetroot Vinegar or… Continue Reading “Instant Onion Pickle”

Tindora Stir-fry with Onion

Ivy gourd in Hindi called as tindora/kundri/kundru. Tindora is a very healthy vegetable.I was a big fan of tindora and now my daughter too.I like to eat from my childhood.Now I make it at least once a week for my family.mostly we bought vegetables from American… Continue Reading “Tindora Stir-fry with Onion”

Baingan Bharta

Smoked eggplant /brinjal & tomatoes mashed & seasoned.Seve as a side dish. Ingredients Large brinjal 1 Tomato -2 Garlic clove(chopped) 3-4 Mustard oil 1 tsp Salt to taste Green chillies (chopped)1-2 Lemon juice for more tangy flavor (optional)1 tsp Cilantro/green coriander leaves (optional) Method… Continue Reading “Baingan Bharta”

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