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Eggless Chocolate Mousse

Decadent Chocolate Mousse made with only three ingredients. It has nice light, airy and smooth texture. It is very chocolaty and perfect for chocolate lovers. My daughter favourite dessert is Anything made with chocolate.so this valentines day i prepare this Special Dessert for her. Recipe… Continue Reading “Eggless Chocolate Mousse”

Instant Onion Pickle

In india it’s called as a Sirke Wale Pyaaz , It’s a great accompaniment for any North Indian style meal and are super easy to make at home. Ingredients 10-15 small Pearl onion or any small size Water 1/2 Cup 1/4 beetroot Vinegar or… Continue Reading “Instant Onion Pickle”

Instant Cake

Mix all ingredients in a cup or bowl.Instant cake Ready in a minute. Ingredients Self Raising Flour- 3tbsp Coco powder – 1 1/2tbsp Coffee Powder-2 Tsp Condensed milk – 3 tbsp Olive oil /Butter 2 tbsp Milk – 3tbsp + 1tbsp Almond chopped (optional)… Continue Reading “Instant Cake”

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