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Apple halwa

Halwa is an Indian dessert prepared on occasion or festive .Most types of halwa are relatively dense sweetened with sugar.Textures of halwa also vary for example Flour based wheat ,rice or semolina based Sooji Halwa halwa is gelatinous and translucent, while lentil based halwa Moong Dal Halwa  is drier… Continue Reading “Apple halwa”

Yogurt & fruits Parfaits

Layered yogurt ,fruits & cereal bars.Complete Breakfast in a jar.Grab & go !! ingredients Thick low-fat Yogurt-1/2 cup Banana-1 small Honey-1 tsp (optional) strawberry chunks Cereal Bars(vanilla flavour) Mixed dry fruits-(cashew nut,almonds,walnut& raisins) Mint leaves -Twig(for garnish optional) Method- Put thick yogurt in a… Continue Reading “Yogurt & fruits Parfaits”

Strawberry & Oats Smoothies

Strawberry blended with Oats & garnish with Nuts.its like a breakfast in a jar. Ingredients Rolled oats (roasted )1/2cup Yogurt /curd 1/2 cup Strawberries -5-6 Honey to taste Pistachio & almonds for garnish(optional) Method Blend all ingredients together. Pour in glass .garnish with dry… Continue Reading “Strawberry & Oats Smoothies”

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