Day: April 19, 2016

Garlic Chutney

Garlic & red chili soaked in vinegar Grind & seasoned ingredients 1 pod garlic (peeled) 2-3 Dry Red chilies (hot) Vinegar 1 tbsp Salt to taste. Kashmiri chili 1 (for natural color) method Soak red chillies in vinegar for an hour, grind all the… Continue Reading “Garlic Chutney”

Green Coconut Chutney

Fresh Grated coconut & Green coriander leaves grind ,seasoned & tempered.its an accompaniment for south Indian dishes like idli,dosa & vada ingredients Fresh Coconut Grated 1 cup Green coriander leaves(chopped) 1Cup Green chilies 2-3 /as per taste bud Bengal gram(channa dal) 1/4 cup Salt to… Continue Reading “Green Coconut Chutney”

Fresh Watermelon Orange juice

Oranges are a Good source of vitamin C. Its helping cardiovascular health, reducing stroke risk, lowering cholesterol and even playing a role in improving brain.Watermelons too, are linked to having heart health benefits. The have also been shown lower blood pressure, boost the circulatory… Continue Reading “Fresh Watermelon Orange juice”

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